Can I Use an Indoor Camera on the Window to See Outside?

Can I Use an Indoor Camera on the Window to See Outside?

Often we want to put a security camera in the window facing outside looking out through the glass window. Then, we find some people say that security cameras don’t work through glass or window. So, do security cameras work through glass or window? What are the problems one might face while placing cameras inside looking out through window panes and glass? Can security cameras move through glass or windows? Can security camera record through window panes and glass?

Lets Look At The Answers

Motion detection and recording is quite difficult when using a security camera placed at a position to work through glass or window panes. By placing indoor cameras to function through glass or window panes, it becomes difficult for infrared security cameras to picture. To prevent this one can turn off or disable IR lights which can enable you to see through glass or window panes.

Security cameras with a motion sensor will still be able to capture through window panes or glass. One can easily detect the motion of the security camera by Placing the camera outside the glass window or mounting the camera on the wall. When using the security camera behind or through the glass window, one should choose window mount security camera. When placing infrared wireless security camera in the window, if possible, one can leave the window open for a while.

By placing the security camera close against the window panes or glass, one can have easy access to the security camera. The other most important thing is to keep the security camera in the place darker than the night outside. Make sure to keep the security cameras at the safe place so that it can not be snatched away easily. Keep the glass panels or window glasses clean so that the cameras catch more details through glass window.

In Summary

There was a controversy if there should be security cameras placed behind the glass or window panes, for some it is the safe way of tracking the burglars. Most cameras can be hooked directly into an individual’s computer and will continually record what they capture; while others can feed to a television set in another room.

Winchester Gun Safe Reviews – Some of the Best Gun Safes from Winchester

Since 1886, Winchester safes have been around to serve the storage needs of gun owners who are always concerned about the safekeeping of their precious shooters. Whether it comes to storing a big gun or multiple guns, Winchester Gun Safes can be very useful. Here are reviews for some of the best gun safes from the brand Winchester.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E

It is fireproof in construction, and has a superior build. It can resist fire for as long as one hour and as high temperatures as 1400 degree F. It is drill proof in form, with a 4-way locking bolt mechanism and as many as 18 locking bolts. It has a steel construction, built with 12 GA steel. Its lock is of UL listed standard. However, it is too bulky to be moved about and is costly in form as well.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E

This is a big matte black safe made of 12 Gauge Steel and weighs 935 pounds. It is weighty, which means you will need someone to help you move it, but is long lasting and strong in form. It has been designed with precision, in the inside as well as on the outside. There is space to store as many as – take a gasp – 51 long guns simultaneously and even keep some cash, gun licenses, some gun magazines and a few other important stuffs. It has a fireproof design and construction.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E

This spacious safe can keep guns protected from intruders, fire and weather conditions. There is huge space to keep multiple weapons, and you can secure the safe with a mechanical lock that is difficult to crack. It has been constructed well, out of 12-gauge steel, and is secured with a 4-way bolt locking mechanism. While transporting the safe, you can take the door off to reduce some of its weight and shift it with more convenience. It is a highly functional, appealing and secure gun safe that can hold as many as 24 guns at the same time. However, you have to remove the shelves if you wish to fit as many as 24 rifles inside.

Winchester Bandit 14 2017 Model

It can be used to store as many as 18 guns at the same time, but is too heavy to move alone with a total weight of 348 pounds. It has an unmatchable security system and boasts of some premium features, which makes it burglar-proof. The safe has an aesthetic design and is made of 14 gauge steel.

Biometric Gun Safe Reviews – Top 3 Gun Safes to Go For

Biometric Gun Safes open with the biometric technology, usually with fingerprint scanning, and allow owners to access their guns quickly in case of an intrusion. These are easier to use and are more reliable, which makes them a favorite of many gun owners these days. Here are reviews of top 3 gun safes that open with biometric scanning technology.

Barska Top Opening Biometric Safe

The safe can be unlocked with fingerprint scanning. It can be programmed to as many as 30 prints. This means it is possible to program fingerprints for each member in home. It has motorized locking bolts made of pure steel. Its lid can be opened up from the top. It draws power from 4 AA batteries. However, even if the battery power is drained completely, there are dual emergency backup keys to help you open the safe up. But the safe is not water or fire-resistant, which means that gun license and other papers are not completely safe inside.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault handgun safes are renowned for their strong design and utmost security. It has an internal structure that is shaped like a drawer, and opens with the help of biometric technology. This is a strong and long lasting gun safe that has enough room on the inside. Users can access their gun very quickly. Made of 18-gauge, heavy duty steel and a very strong lock mechanism, it is almost impossible to crack. There is soft foam interior lining that prevents the guns being damaged. The safe has dual security layers, with quick access possible due to the digital keypad. You can turn off the beep sound of its keypad according to your wish. However, the mechanical latch makes some noise when the safe is being unlocked or locked.

Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Fast

It has some of the most superior security features for a gun safe, and even the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has certified its Biometric system. It has a strong lock system consisting of 2 locking bolts made of steel. The entire safe is constructed out of solid steel. It has the best sensor for a gun safe, similar to the one that is used in lots of Government Departments. It has an advanced 3-D Imaging Sensor and even other amazing features, such as Tamper alerts, LED nightlight, in-built LCD display etc. However, it is slightly costly to buy and is small in size as well.